Settling into a happy married life requires a mix of honesty and compromise. You are still two individuals, but together you are stronger than the sum of your individual parts. And long may that remain so. Here are some tips to help you along: Be yourself Now that you are married, you don’t have to change who you are and how you behave just because you have the title of ‘husband’ or ‘wife’. A wife should not have to accept the old-fashioned subservient role in her relationship with her husband. Nor should he expect this. Be who you always were as that’s what led toRead More →

Ultimately, the best gift for any woman is going to depend upon the woman in question. Women are all going to vary in terms of their favorite things. Great gifts for women will be mediocre gifts for other women. However, there’s still a certain amount of overlap in terms of which gifts many women have a tendency to want. Many mother’s day gift ideas are going to be successful all across the spectrum. A silver anniversary gift is something many wives will remember for years. A great present for wife is going to vary depending on the occasion. Some women are going to prioritize theRead More →

Weddings and other special occasions provide an opportunity to look your best. Whether you will be attending with a date you’d much like to impress, or are hoping to meet new people, your clothing, personal hygiene, and etiquette are all important for your success. A sharp, well-dressed man is very attractive. Consider how you feel when you see a woman in a pretty dress. She may be lovely in jogging pants, but when she dresses in her finest she becomes even more exciting and attractive. The same holds true for how women view men. When you make the effort to look fantastic, women will notice.Read More →